Mounted Spreader Models

Ploughing equipment

Garnero offers the customers a wide range of mounted spreadermodels.

SPX - for small roads and light vehicles. The SPX series mounted spreader is made entirely of AISI 304 stainless steel. Corrosion resistant and with lightweight chassis, it is the ideal equipment for light vehicles with reduced working capacity.

SP ECO R and SPCR - for medium and large roads and for a wide range of needs. The SP ECO R series is ideal for the winter maintenance of the road network, the SPCR series is ideal for medium and large roads. These are able to operate with both abrasive material (sand) and flux (salt) in any climate, and perfectly match any type of carrier medium.

The experience gained in over ninety years of activity in the winter road maintenance industry has allowed Garnero to identify the best materials, to develop advanced technological processes and implement electronic and electro-hydraulic components of high quality.

The machines produced are therefore very versatile, robust, reliable and equipped with modern technology in respect of ease of use, maximum safety for the operator and minimal maintenance.

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