Snow plough blade

snow ploughing machines

The hydraulic adjustable snow removing blade equipment is linear in design and very robust and efficient. The solid and precise reinforcing frame of the blade, with hinge for the tilting of tube steel, allows a uniform distribution of impact and the subsequent reaction, even enduring shots of high magnitude without deformation and thus obtaining greater protection for both the equipment and for the operator.

The shockproof system with elastomers is a special mechanism that eliminates the defects of its steel springs at low temperatures, reducing the noise and maintaining the mechanical characteristics unaltered up to minus 60 °C and with a compression of 60%: it is composed of a series of urethane material bushings which oppose the tilting of compressing blade and then return it to its original position as soon as the obstacle subsides. Patented in 1985, still being developed and perfected today, it distinguishes our blades and is a cutting-edge solution.

The clearing width and height of the blade can be customised. The possibility of varying the angle of the snow plough blade to the ground allows it to always have ideal conditions in the different phases of work.

  • Full forwards: to keep soft snow low and discharge further away in the absence of high banks.
  • Halfway: for work under normal conditions. Scraping blade edge perpendicular to the ground: to penetrate and scrape the frozen surface better.
  • Full back: to discharge the snow further up in case of double guard rails or high banks.
  • All the way back leaning on the side slides (optional): to adjust the height above the ground on unpaved or rough roads.

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