Vee blades snow plough

Anti snow equipment

The Snow plough is an equipment that can sustain high shocks without undergoing deformation. The connection to the coupling plate is made with thick arms, with lubrication in the motion constraints that are adjustable, manually or hydraulically (optional), to modify the angle of the tip on the ground, thus removing the need to adapt to the various types of road.

In addition, to simplify operations on dirt or paved roads, you can equip the adjustable blade, easily managed from above by its handle, which raises the tip thus avoiding earthworks or damage to the pavement. Thanks to its particular structure, Garnero vee blades plough excludes the icy snow deposits in the hinge and moving parts, hindering the formation of ice between the parts.

The Garnero Snow plough with vee blades can be customised in size and accessories, such as risers, mud flaps, side pads, extension cords, the central hydraulic slide, etc. The plough shares range extends from the compact range for private use (250 kg) to the most productive, with over 2000 kg weight and 3700 mm clearance with useful height of 2200 mm.

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