Self-loading salt spreaders

Salt spreading equipment

The self loading spreaders of Garnero are ideal equipment for continuous and uniform perfusion of abrasive granules and/or fluxes for agricultural tractors and operating machines of every make and model.

To provide a more effective performance, Garnero offers optionals and accessories such as:

  • Hopper: made of rust-proof and high yield steel
  • Grid: double accidental prevention and used for screening
  • Bearing support: with watertight seals and wear-resistant rubber
  • Crusher Roller for Model SA: equipped with small prongs that continually mix the material
  • Distribution roller for Model SA: made with evenly spaced, alternating plates
  • Spreader for Model SAD: equipped with a rotating disc and hydraulic adjustment of the spreading width.
  • Hydraulic motor: for the rotation of the rollers with adjustable speed
  • Nuts and bolts and parts subject to corrosion made of STAINLESS STEEL
  • Centralised lubrication
  • Full-tip mount with hydraulic cylinder and lock valve


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